French vintage pitcher ivory brutalist MCM vase

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OK I have a weakness for Mid century pieces, they always speak to me Their forms, texture and colors. They say to me look at the hands that made me. I was made from the earth and there are trances in me that you can see. See the sand that she mixed with the paint? She gave a lavender purple color on the inside so you would have to come closer? Come closer. Im 9 inches tall and 8 inches wide with a handle. There are no chips or cracks as I have stood wear from the 60's. Great to use or just put it on a Mid century mod side commode and admire it's form? Wabisabi? Perhaps

Will be double boxed for security.


Vase ivory et maroon, légère courbe.. quelque chose à propose de terre,

Pas de craquements ou d'autres défauts, surprenant pour son âge