French 19c. Antique Terra Cotta Jug Collection curated set of 4

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French antique collect of three large terra cotta pots and jugs found on my various trips thru the brocantes of France. These jars and jugs were used as storage and conserving food in the late 18th early 19th century. They ended up in ruins as garbage pits and all sorts of bits and pieces ended up there. These are normally found again later when owners renovate properties and so forth. This is a collection of four pieces , a large water/wine jug with a spout at 12 inches tall, a bouiotte at 10 inches in diameter, a pottery bottle at 12 inches tall and a triangular bottle at 12 inches tall .. These are in good antique condition no real chips or cracks. They are all functional or can be used as cool compilation of texture and colours of the south of France.