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Excellent set of 4 chairs. They are rustic but this all adds to their character. The paint work on the metal is a gorgeous vintage french ,black colour which drew me to them instantly, I being the artist that I am instantly saw the opportunity to make my mark by painting numbers on the back with a stencil industrial edge. The wooden was sanded brut and waxed. The legs are black metal with a plywood seat and back
These vintage weathered wood and base were originally used for students in French schoolhouses, these however are adult sized and can be used for a dining table . This style is the Mullca 510, the most famous of all the French schoolhouse chairs. Once called the ugliest chair in France, it's now a design icon. And a stylish addition to your kitchen.
They have vintage wear buts that's why we love them!

H - 79cm/31"
W - 34.5cm/13"
D - 34.5cm/13.5
Height of chair from Floor to Seat is 40cm/16"

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