French vintage Copper set of small saute pans or serving pans

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SET OF TWO SAUTE PANS; These pans hang in all the grand houses of France on the back of the stove in the kitchen where everything happens. Daily life, food and wine. I have cleaned and shined them and they look like new. Ultra thick copper and lining with an old cover as done in the early 19th century. Set of three tiny copper saute or serving pans. I love the way they used copper rivets on the lid also, don't you? This pans It can be used straight away, with no re-tinning necessary. Be careful of other used pans, the lining has worn off and they can be toxic if used!!!!! It is an ultra thick 1 mm. This pan can be used on the stove and in the oven It looks so good, it can also be used for oven the table top presentation. They are extremely well made with iron handles and brass ri Channel your inner french chef- let her go to work in your kitchen and create beautiful meals!!! I have used a copper saute pan and have started replacing my stainless steel pans, once you cook with copper you can never return, it's cooking in a higher level! Bon appetite!!!! A nice chefs item made to last The quality & craftsmanship are excellent

measures: 7inches 6 inches 1.5 inch in height
This pan weigh 1.5 kilos and will be shipped by laposte- colissimmo first class service with a tracking number