French Vintage girls summer handmade dress waffled cotton size 2-3

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One little baby girl dress in a waffled cotton. This dress is handmade and has antique lace all over it. It is gathered at the bodice and at the waist surrounded by a ring of handmade lace. The lace covers the neck and the tiny arms. There is also three rings of brick a black that tops the extra large floral ring at the bottom of the dress so your little one can dance and do swirls....... that's my favorite part of being a little girl. There is four tiny nacre buttons on the back for easy changing in and out of for mommy. A perfect party girl dress for your little party girl. There is an ancient patch repair to cover wear in the fabric on the inside of the dress, as shown in photo 5. Hardly noticeable...

This dress is what I estimate to be a size 2-3.
It has a 21 inch waist and is 19 inches long from the top of the collar
It is 18 inches around the collar from one button to the other side in circumference

Robe en coton pour nourrisson, avec de la dentelle, elle est brodé main. La dentelle recouvre le col et les épaules du bébé. Quatre petits boutons nacré dans le dos permettent une ouverture facile pour changer la petite. Une réparation à été faite à l'intérieur de la robe (photo 5), très discrète...

Taille 2-3
53cm pour la taille et 48cm pour la longueur (45 autour du col)