French vintage ironstone transfer wear Seagull decorative plates

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One white and blue ironstone/ transferwear cruse plate with all the vintage age that comes with time. I have three imperfect plates
One has a small chip on the right hand side smaller than pea sized
One has a small chop on the left hand side bottom smaller than pea sized
AND one has a crack
They would be beautiful for a display piece to hang on the wall no one would notice the imperfections they are so
There is a sea shell motif l design with a seagull and some sea shells. A perfect farmhouse look or a house by the sea look! for any urban kitchen to give it some age!!! Perfect for the experienced collector or for your first!!!! This would make a beautiful addition to some house by the sea theme. Double Boxed and ships first class mail with internet tracking number

It measure approximately 8" inches in diameter its is a cruse plate used for meat with sauces
Will Double box for extra security!!