Vintage silver plated ex voto flamin heart

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French styled Sacred Heart Ex-Voto with a flaming rayons coming around the heart. These are, wonderful to display on a ribbon with your collection of sacred hearts, on altars and other religious statues. The back opens and closes like a locket for notes keepsakes, and a sacred rosary. It has a letter “M”on it for marie. It is made of pressed tin and it has some gold tone cause it tarnishes so it has to be shined from time to time. It usually represents the subject you’re praying for and for which the symbol is offered, to God or His Saints. Could also be given as gratitude for a prayer that was heard. Cant guarantee this, but he listens doesn’t he?

Great looking on the wall or in why not a statement necklace

It measures: 4.5 inches long x 3.5 inches wide