International buyers please always add a telephone number in the "information for the seller". It is mandatory for international shipping or the post will not accept any parcel to be shipped.

If you want an insurance for your purchase, please send me a message. I will send you a recalculated invoice with the upgraded shipping fees. DAMAGED MERCHANDISE CANNOT BE REIMBURSED UNLESS IT IS OPENED AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY IN FRONT OF THE POSTMEN. IF YOU SEE THAT THE MERCHANDISE IS DAMAGED, MAKE INDICATION ON THE DELIVERY RECEIPT. ALWAYS MAKE JUSTIFICATORY PHOTOS. With this paper and these photos, the French post reimburses the content at the declared value for all the parcels with insurance. WITHOUT DOING THIS THEY WILL NOT REFUND ON INSURANCE

For any returned merchandise, cannot refund any courier component of the postage charge.

Would like to advise all my customers that, owing to new postal tariffs here in France, the price of postage has increased significantly as of 1st January EVERY YEAR the price for sending even a small package is 39€ for 2 kilos, there is no more petite package pricing. There is no insurance included in this method of shipping.


EU customers a cheaper solution is available on RELAY Mondial, its a pick up service so your merchandise is delivered to a point near you and you are sent a message and you pick it up there.


I am happy to combine shipments.

I organise shipment with tracking number for all products.

Tracking number is not insurance.

If you want insurance contact us.


Taxes and customs fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.