French Industrial wall sconces explosion industrial Decor interior or exterior

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A set of iron explosion sconces. They are painted black and although they are being sold as a pair they were bought separately so the patine is different on each. There is a cage cover, covering the clear thick glass protecting it from shocks or knocks. This is a cool industrial vintage look. They are a full inch larger that normal explosion lights with a white background on the plate where the light bulb fits in. The socket is made of white porcelain. Can be put vertically or horizontally. Can be used outside or inside. When you want the steampunk look this is your pair!!!!
An industrial look with two included in this listing for someone who although is looking for something different likes the classical balance of a pair.

They each measure:
9.5 inches long
6.0 inches wide
5.0 inches in depth

Weight is 18.4 lbs (2)

This pair of explosion lights are at our warehouse in McHenry Illinois and will ship from there.