Vintage French Bronze Cherub, Angel sconces / wall sconces Shabby Chateau Chic, Retro French Country Decor

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A set of cherub angel french vintage brass wall sconces. These can be wired for electric or left as they are to hold candlesticks whichever you prefer. . They have a dark verdigris patina and I love that about them. They are a matching pair but each little boy is ever so slightly different!! There is a medallion in the middle as such is the case with these sconces. Can be used outside or inside. When you want the French country elegant look this is your pair!!!!
An shabby look with two included in this listing for someone who although is looking for something different likes the classical balance of a pair.

They each measure:
11 inches tall
3.5 inches wide at the wides point
8.0 inches in depth

Weight is 5lbs (2)