French vintage copper pot french cookware pots and pans

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One french chateau copper stew pot. These pots hang in all the grand houses of France on a pan rack inside the kitchen where everything happens. Daily life, food and wine. It is in great condition I have cleaned and shined. The lining is in new condition but still can be used straight away, with no re-tinning necessary. The outside copper has a few wear marks which can be buffed out by the new owner. Just clean it with soap and water hand wash after cooking. Copper is really low maintenance and easy use. Just soak it after using to get the gunk out before you hand wash it. No dishwashers! When you dry it also buffs them to keep their sheen. Be careful of other used pans, if the lining has worn off and they can be toxic if used!!!!! They are extremely well made with brass handles and steel screws attachment onto the pan. Channel your inner french chef- let her go to work in your kitchen and create beautiful meals!!! Bon appetite!!!!

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