French Antique bell jar cloche display dome with 19c century religious items

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This French vintage religious ephemera is a curated collection including the following items; One chalk ware stature of the Sacred heart of Jesus, it measures 14 inches tall. The statue is very highly detailed with his hand on his flaming heart. There is a chalkier statue of Marie with the hands cut off, as in the french folklore tradition. There is a highly carved wooden monks rosary measuring 50 inches which can be doubled and hung in a wall or doorway for impact. A small medallion showing the couple teaching a small child carpentry, very charming indeed. Five leather bound prayer books each dating from 1800's on, they were church mass books family and/or personal the individual would take these to church week after week until they were given from mother to daughter father to son. They are highly graphic and written in with special notes from the individuals who owned them. A EX Voto flaming heart and medallion from Mozart keepsake from Sacre Couer in paris. Group them together or spread them thoughout your house to keep the faith alive and on display. The are in a bell jar or museum jar with a wooden base that was painted black.
Double boxed for Safety and shipped first class colissimo service with internet tracking number

17 inches high and 11 inches in diameter with a .5 inch ball base on the black dome base