French Antique Doll Stroller buggy Enamel metal girls antique toy

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Metal cream colored doll stroller made sometime in the early 19th century. The stroller holds a doll for your little one to imagine and play grown up mommy with. It also is functional. The wheels turn and the handle and seat back fold up although the handle is a little crooked. There is lots of vintage rust and thats why we love it!!!! We also love the little green wheel covers. So charming. This little stroller could use a little steel wool rub but I left it just the way it was.

This antique stroller is, in fact at my location in McHenry ILL and will ship from there. It weights about 8 lbs and will ship by USPS

It measures; 20 inches long with the handle folded over
12 inches at the widest point
15 inches tall at the tallest point