French ironstone pitcher White French vintage jug Sarreguemines French server, French tabletop

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One very large french white stonewear 19c water pitcher. There is a chip on the base which do not distract from the charm or the functionality of the piece. There are flea bites on the rim and the top of the handle, That are imperfections that are not a train smash as far as I'm concerned. Would be beautiful with a bouquet of lavender or sunflowers, Don't you think?

Circa; 1900-1909
Height: 10 inches tall X 8 inches wide at the widest point

Pichet de 21 cm de hauteur
Couleur blanc-crème, très neutre. Peut s'adapter pour n'importe quelle décoration de cuisine. Convenable pour du lait ou de l'eau, pourquoi pas un petit bouquet de lavande pour décorer?