French vintage enamel marbled blue and white pitcher

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A gorgeous antique enamel water pitcher from France, with a nice white and blue marble pattern. In very good condition with some rust at the seams. This is a watertight piece and does not leak. Pitchers like this were used for bathing before the days of indoor plumbing and would normally have a flat shallow bowl underneath. This piece is very beautiful and telling a story of the past!
It's a lovely perfect French farmhouse piece for indoors or in the garden. Great for many different kinds of decor, including vintage French and shabby chic. Wonderful home decor to put flowers or umbrellas or walking sticks or in the garden to water plants its not to heavy and watertight.

- Authentic french vintage
- White and blue enamelware
- Marbled Enamel design
- Water tight
- Exterior in good vintage condition with rust cause it vintage and that's why we love it!!!